Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane Accidents

This library section includes lessons learned from commercial passenger and cargo aircraft accidents from around the world. With commercial aviation expanding in nearly every area, continuous learning of key safety knowledge is becoming increasingly important. For example, in 2015 international scheduled passenger airline flights totaled more than 37 million operations, transporting three billion passengers. Despite these unprecedented levels of usage, international aviation safety has steadily improved in nearly every area.

This transport airplane accident collection includes modules that contain valuable lessons gleaned from nearly 70 years of commercial aviation. While extensive accident information is available from a variety of sources, this library synthesizes and summarizes some of the most "safety-shaping" large commercial transport airplane accidents, making key knowledge available to a wide aviation safety community.

Search Lessons Learned library Accident summaries organized relative to the life cycle element most prevalent in each accident. Accident summaries organized relative to the threat category that was a major factor in each accident. Accident summaries organized relative to the common themes across groups of accidents

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