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Accidents Related Videos and Animations
Air Canada DC-9 at Cincinnati International Airport
DC-9 Flight Path Animation
Air Florida 737 in Washington, D.C.
PT2 Probe Animation
Takeoff Animation
Air France B747 at Tahiti
Air France Flight Path Animation
Landing Performance Animation
Air France Flight 4590 at Paris, France
Concorde #5 Fuel Tank Failure Animation
Concorde Flight Path Animation
Air Inter A320 at Strasbourg
Air Inter Flight 148 Flight Path Accident Animation
Air Ontario Fokker 28 at Dryden
Air Transat A330 Flight TSC236 at Terceira Airport, Azores
AirTransat A330 ETOPS Flight Path Animation
AirTransat Fuel Transfer Animation
Alaska Airlines MD-83 near Anacapa Island
Flight Path Animation
Jackscrew Animation
NTSB Horizontal Trim System Description and Sequence Failure Animation
Aloha Airlines 737 at Maui
Skins Animation
American Airlines A300 near JFK
Flight Path Animation
NTSB Control Input Animation
NTSB Flight Path Animation
NTSB Simulator Training Animation
American Airlines B727 Flight 625 at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Accident Recreation Video in 737 Simulator
American Flight 625 Flight Path Animation
American Flight 625 Flight Path Animation (realtime)
Full Stop Recreation Video in 737 Simulator
Go-around Recreation Video in 737 Simulator
American Airlines DC-10 at Chicago
Forklift Animation
Takeoff Animation
American Airlines Flight 965 near Cali
Accident Animation
Cali Accident Video
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) Animation
Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) Animation
Terrain Awareness and Terrain Alerts and Warnings Animation
American Airlines MD-82 Flight 1420 at Little Rock, AR
American Flight 1420 NTSB Simulation Animation
American Flight 1420 Spoilers and Reversers Animation
American Eagle Flight 4184 near Roselawn
Icing Certification Envelopes Video
Impingement Limits Video
Performance and Handling Video
SLD Cues from Airworthiness Directives Video
Supercooled Large Droplet Icing (SLD) - Full Length Video
Supercooled Large Droplet Icing (SLD) Overview Video
When and Where Video
Atlantic Southeast Airlines EMB-120 Flight 2311 at Brunswick
Atlantic SE Flight 2311 Propeller Quill Failure Animation
Atlantic Southest Flight 529 at Carrollton, Georgia
Atlantic Southeast Flight 529 Accident Animation
Avianca Airlines B707 Flight 52 at Long Island, NY
AVA052 Flight Path Animation
Birgenair Flight ALW 301 at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Birgenair Flight Path Animation (English)
Birgenair Flight Path Animation (German)
Braniff L-188 (Electra) in Texas
Northwest L-188 (Electra) in Indiana

Electra Wings Animation
British Airtours B737 at Manchester, UK
Combustion Cans Animation
Fire Animaiton
British Airways Flight 38 at Heathrow Airport, London
Boeing FOHE Ice Test Video
Fuel Oil Heat Exchanger (FOHE) Ice Animation
British Midland B737 Flight 92 at Kegworth
British Midland Fan Flutter Animation
British Midlands Airlines Flight 92 Flight Path Animation
Capital Airlines Flight 20 at Charles City, Virginia
Boeing Delayed Actuation Test Video
Capital Airlines Engine Anti-Ice Animation
Capital Airways Propeller Animation
Routine Flight Video - Feather and Relight Procedure
China Airlines 747 near Taipei
China Airlines Animation
China Airlines A300 Flight 140 at Nagoya
China Airlines Flight 140 Accident Animation
China Airlines B737 Flight 120 at Okinawa
China Airlines Flight 120 Downstop Failure Animation
China Airlines Flight 120 emergency evacuation and fire fighting progress video
Comair CL600 at Lexington
Comair Flight 5191 Accident Animation
Lexington Takeoff 101 Animation
Comair EMB-120 near Monroe, MI
Fligh Path Animation
Ice Bridging Animation
NTSB Recreation Animation
Continental DC-10 at LAX
Aircruiser Slide Deployment Video
Boeing 777 Evacuation Demo Video
Boeing Rejected Takeoff and the Go/No Go Decision
Goodyear Video: The Longest Runways
Rejected Takeoff Scenarios
Continental Express EMB-120 at Eagle Lake
In-flight Structural Breakup Animation
Dan-Air B707-300 at Zambia, Africa
Horizontal Stabilizer Animation
de Havilland DH-106 Comet 1
S-N Diagram Animation
Traffic Analogy Animation
Delta Air Lines MD-88 Flight 1288
Delta Flight 1288 Accident Animation
Delta L-1011 at Dallas
Microburst Animation
Tucson Microburst Video
Eastern Airlines 375 at Boston
Accident Animation
Rolls-Royce 501-D13 Bird Ingestion Tests Video
Eastern Airlines B727 Flight 66 near JFK Int'l Airport
Eastern Flight 66 Accident Animation
Educational ice simulation of microburst phenomena
Microburst Video
Tucson Microburst Video
Eastern L-1011 in Florida
Animation of flight path
Video Reenactment
El Al Flight 1862 at Amsterdam, Netherlands
Actual and Assumed Strut/Engine Separation Animation
El Al Flight 1862 Flight Path Animation
Engine/Strut Assembly Animation
Fine Air Flight 101 at Miami, Florida
Fine Air Cargo Animation
Fine Air Teeter Totter Animation
Floor Locks Video
Saftey in the Balance Video
Indian Airlines A320 Flight 605 at Bangalore, India
Canadian Transportation Safety Board Accident Animation Sequence
Indian Air Flight 605 Accident Animation
Japan Airlines 747 at Gunma Prefecture
Bulkhead Animation
KLM Flight 4805 collision with Pan Am Flight 1736 at Tenerife
KLM / Pan Am Crash at Tenerife Animation
Korean Airlines 747 Flight 801
Korean Airlines Flight 801 Approach Animation
Lake Central Convair 580 near Marseilles, Ohio
Lake Central Airlines Flight 527 Failure Sequence Animation
Lake Central Airlines Flight 527 Flight Path Animation
Linear Movement of Torque Piston Related to Blade Angle Animation
Pitch Lock Stop Animation
Lauda Air 767 near Bangkok, Thailand
NASA Reverser Deployment Wing Leading Edge Video
NASA Reverser Deployment Wing Trailing Edge Video
Reverser Locking System Animation
Reverser Locking System Redesigned Animation
Takeoff Animation
Thrust Reverser Animation
Luxair Flight 9642 at Luxembourg
Landing Performance Animation
Luxair Flight 9642 Flight Path Animation
Luxair Propeller Animation
Midair collision of Bashkirian Airlines TU154 and DHL Boeing 757 over Germany
B-757 Collision Flight Path Animation
FAA Increase/Reversal Resolution Advisory Video
FAA Resolution Advisory Video
FAA Traffic Advisory Video
Traffic Collision And Avoidance System (TCAS) Video
Midair collision of UAL DC-8 and TWA Constellation over Staten Island, NY
New York Midair Collision Animation
Mohawk Airlines, Inc. Flight 40 near Blossburg, Pennsylvania
Mohawk APU System Animation
National Airlines DC-10 at Albuquerque
CF-6 Vibratory Characteristics of Fan Blades/Fan Case
Northwest Airlines B720B Flight 705 near Miami
Boeing 777 Static Test Video
Jet Upsets
Northwest Airlines Flight 705 Accident Animation
Northwest Airlines Flight 705 Flight Path Animation
Shell Transonic Flight Video
Northwest Airlines DC-9 Flight 255 at Detroit, MI
MD-82 Takeoff Warning System Animation
Northwest Airlines Flight 255 Takeoff Animation
Supplemental Stall Recognition System (SSRS) Video
ONA Flight 032 at JFK
Accident Animation
Pacific Western Airlines Flight 314 at Cranbrook, BC Canada
Clamshell-type Thrust Reverser Animation
Cranbrook Flight Path Animation
Pan Am Flight 214 at Elkton, Maryland
Lightning Direct Attachment Video
Lightning Strike Test Video
Model test illustrating zonal attachment point of lightning
PSA 727, San Diego and Aeromexico DC-9, Los Angeles, Midair Collisions
Flight 498 and Piper Collision Animation
PSA 182 Flight Path Animation
Qantas Flight 32 at Indonesia
Qantas Flight 32 Flight Path Animation
Qantas Flight 32 IP Turbine Failure Sequence Animation
SAS MD-81 in Sweden
Flight 751 Accident Animation
MD-81 Flight Path Animation
Saudi Arabian Airlines L1011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Flight Path Animation
South African Airways 747 at Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Class B Cargo Fire Animation
FAA Technical Center Testing Video
Southern Airways Flight 242 at New Hope, Georgia
JT8D Water Ingestion Animation
Pratt & Whitney Water Test Video
Southwest Flight 1248 at Midway
Landing Performance Animation
SWA Flight 1248 Accident Animation
Swissair MD-11 at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Cabin Fire Simulation
MPET Blanket Burn Test
MPET Cylinder Burn Test
TACA International Airlines 737 near New Orleans
GE Hail Video
GE Rain Video
Hail Ingestion Power Loss and Engine Design Change Animation
TAM Fokker 100 Flight 402 At Sao Paulo, Brazil
TAM Flight 402 Accident Animation
Thrust Lever Operation Video
Turk Hava DC-10 in Paris
Paris DC-10 Cargo Door Latch Animation
Paris DC-10 Cargo Door Operations Animation
Turk Hava/Windsor Comparative Animation
TWA 800 at Atlantic Ocean
Flammability Envelope Animation
Ignition Source Animation
NTSB Reconstruction of TWA Flight Path Animation
TWA Flight 514 B727 at Mt Weather, Virginia
Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) Animation
TWA Flight 514 Flight Path Animation
TWA Lockheed Constellation and UAL DC-7 collision over Grand Canyon, AZ
Grand Canyon Mid-air Collision Animation
UAL Flight 173 near Portland
Unusable Fuel Animation
United 727 at Salt Lake City
Accident and Guillotine Test Animation
United 727 near Los Angeles
United Airlines 747 at Honolulu
Cargo Door Overview Animation
Door Latch Animation
Flight 811 Accident Animation
United DC-10 at Sioux City
UAL 232 Crash Video
United Parcel Service Flight 6 at Dubai
FAA Lithium-Ion Battery Test Video
Sandia National Laboratories Lithium-Ion Battery Crush Test
UPS Flight 6 Flight Path Animation
United Viscount 745D in Maryland
Animation of the sequence of failure
USAir 737 in Pennsylvania
Blowdown Animation
Boeing PCU Animation
Eastwind 517 Video
Flight Path Animation
Flight Test Video
Mannequin Animation
PCU Internal Mechanism Animation
UAL 585 Video
USAir Flight 1493 runway collision with Skywest Flight 5569
US Airways Flight 1493 Accident Animation
ValuJet DC-9 in Florida
Class D Cargo Compartment Testing Conducted by the FAA Technical Center, Atlantic City, NJ
Flight 592 Flight Path Animation
Oxygen Generators Animation