Relevant Regulations / Policy / Background

Airplane Airworthiness Regulations

European (EASA/JAA) Regulations

CS 25.901 (c) Installation

CS 25.903 (d) Engines

US (FAA) Regulations

14 CFR §25.901 (c) Installation

14 CFR §25.903 (d) Engines

Engine Airworthiness Regulations

European Regulations

JAR-E 210 Failure Analysis

US Regulations

14 CFR §33.75 Safety Analysis

Advisory Material


EASA AMC 25.901(c) Safety Assessment of Powerplant Installations

FAA Advisory Circular 20-128A (Part 1) (Part 2) Design Considerations for Minimizing Hazards Caused by Uncontained Turbine Engine and Auxiliary Power Unit Rotor Failure


EASA/JAA ACJ E 210 Failure Analysis

EASA/JAA ACJ E 810 Compressor and Turbine Blade Failure

EASA/JAA ACJ E 840 Rotor Integrity

FAA Advisory Circular AC 33.75 Safety Analysis

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