Accident Board Recommendations

The ATSB issued three formal safety recommendations. However, the ATSB process for issuance of safety recommendations is different than some other investigative agencies. The ATSB defines Safety Issues and describes those issues in the Findings section of the accident report. If an authority, manufacturer, or other agency takes proactive action, the ATSB evaluates that activity relative to the defined safety issue. If the action is determined satisfactory, the ATSB does not issue a recommendation. Section 7 of the accident report describes all actions taken by the engine and airplane manufacturers and suppliers, EASA, ATSB, FAA, and the NTSB.

In addressing any recommendations, the ATSB also includes the resolution actions, and determines if those actions are satisfactory. A document containing just the issued safety recommendations, and extracted from Section 7 of the accident report, is available at the following link: (ATSB Recommendations)

In order to provide context for the recommendations, and to include a comprehensive list of the resolution activities investigated by the ATSB, Section 7, copied directly from the accident report, is presented in its entirety at the following link: (ATSB Safety Actions)

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