Airworthiness Directives (ADs) Issued

  • AD 2010-0236-E Issued November 10, 2010 by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This emergency AD required the periodic inspection of the HP/IP engine structure for any abnormal oil leakage.
  • AD 2010-0242-E Issued November 22, 2010 and superseded AD 2010-0236-E. This new AD amended the inspection procedures of the superseded AD and required inspections per Rolls-Royce Alert Service Bulletin NMSB 72-AG590 Revision 2.
  • AD 2010-0262 Issued December 13, 2010, requiring modification of Trent 900 EEC software to incorporate IP turbine overspeed logic as detailed in Rolls-Royce Service Bulletin NMSB RB.211-73-AG639. Modification of all Trent 900 engines was required within ten flight cycles.
  • AD 2010-0242R1 Issued December 21, 2010, revised the inspection procedures of AD 2010-0242-E.
  • AD 2010-0242-CN Issued March 2, 2011, cancelled AD 2010-0242R1, citing the intrusive nature of the previously mandated inspections and the need for the AD having been overtaken by the issuance of AD 2010-0262.
  • AD 2010-0262-CN Issued April 15, 2016, cancelled AD-2010-0262. The reason for cancellation states that all affected engines have been satisfactorily modified per AD 2010-0262, thereby cancelling the need for the AD.

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