Accident Board Recommendations

The accident report contained 12 safety recommendations in the following areas:

Fuel Leak Detection and Warning

  • Mandate a Fuel Used/Fuel Onboard discrepancy Caution alert for all A330 aircraft, and
  • Mandate the incorporation of a fuel loss alert for other Airbus aircraft with similar fuel system design
  • Review adequacy of aircraft indication and warning systems and procedures to
  1. Detect fuel-used/fuel-loss discrepancy situations
  2. Provide clear indications as to the causes of these situations
  3. Provide alerts commensurate with the criticality of a fuel loss situation

Fuel Leak Training

  • Review flight crew operating manuals and checklist procedures for fuel leaks
  • Review flight crew training programs for diagnosing and correcting fuel leaks
  • Amend regulations to require crew training on fuel leaks

Automated Fuel Transfers

  • Ensure systems are able to detect abnormal fuel transfers

Significant Fuel Imbalances

  • Review adequacy of aircraft indication and warning systems, and abnormal procedures to ensure fuel leak is considered in situations of significant fuel imbalances

Safeguarding Recorders

  • Review adequacy of regulations, standards, and aircraft manuals for safeguarding cockpit voice recordings following an occurrence

Recorder Power Sources

  • Airworthiness agencies to consider independent power supplies for voice and data recorders

Major Component Change Planning

  • Ensure adequate maintenance processes exist to detect major aircraft configuration differences
  • Review adequacy of standards for identifying the configuration and modification status of major components of similar part numbers to ensure that differences can be easily identified.

The complete details of the accident report safety recommendations may be read by clicking on the following link: Accident Report Safety Recommendations

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