Accident Board Findings

The NTSB issued 24 findings as a result of the accident. The findings ranged from flight crew performance, air traffic management performance, and injuries related to the crash forces and crew seat features.

The complete text of the findings is available at the following link: NTSB Findings.

Further, the NTSB determined the probable cause to be:

"The probable cause of this accident was the failure of the flightcrew to adequately manage the aircraft's fuel load, and their failure to communicate an emergency fuel situation to air traffic control before fuel exhaustion occurred. Contributing to the accident was the flightcrew's failure to use an airline operational control dispatch system to assist them during the international flight into a high-density airport in poor weather. Also contributing to the accident was inadequate traffic flow management by the FAA and the lack of standardized understandable terminology for pilots and controllers for minimum and emergency fuel states. The Safety Board also determines that windshear, crew fatigue and stress were factors that led to the unsuccessful completion of the first approach and thus contributed to the accident."

The NTSB accident report is available at the following link: Avianca Flight 052 accident report

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