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Recent Accidents involving Airplanes with 16g seats

There were two recent accidents that demonstrated the effectiveness of the 16g seat rule in protecting passengers and crew.  In each accident, the fuselage broke into three sections, but there was no fire.  These are typical characteristics of what should be a survivable accident.  Each airplane had 16g seats.

Photo of an Aires 737
Photo of an Aires 737
Photo copyright Luimer Cordero - used with permission

AIRES Flight 8250, 737-700 in San Andreas Island, Colombia, August 16, 2010

AIRES Flight 8250 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight which crashed on August 16, 2010, on the Colombian island of San Andres, in the Caribbean. There were 131 people (125 passengers and 6 crew members) aboard. Of the total occupants it was reported that 2 were fatally injured and 4 seriously injured. The aircraft, a Boeing 737-73V, was en-route from the Colombian capital Bogota when it crashed while attempting to land in bad weather, breaking into three pieces on impact.


Photos of Aires Flight 8250 after accident
Wreckage photos from Aires Airlines Flight 8250
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Photo of a Turkish 737 in flight
Photo of a Turkish Airlines 737
Photo copyright Angara - used with permission

Turkish Airlines 737-800 in Amsterdam, February 25, 2009

A Boeing 737-800 (Flight TK1951) operated by Turkish Airlines was flying from Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, on 25 February 2009. As this was a ‘Line Flight Under Supervision', there were three crew members in the cockpit; the captain, who was also acting as instructor, the first officer, who had to gain experience on the route of the flight, and who was accordingly flying under supervision, and a safety pilot who was observing the flight.

There were also four cabin crew members and 128 passengers on board. During the approach to runway 18R at Schiphol Airport, the aircraft crashed into a field at a distance of about 1.5 kilometers from the threshold of the runway. Four crew members, including the three pilots, and five passengers were killed. Three crew members and 117 passengers sustained injuries, 12 of which were serious.

Accident report:  Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 accident report

Accident photos from Turkish Fight 1951
Accident photos from Turkish Airlines Flight 1951
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