During the timeframe of the ONA accident, aircraft bird strikes and engine ingestion events were continuing to occur. Some events were serious and resulted in accidents and loss of life. Examples of accidents related to aircraft bird strikes and/or engine bird ingestion included:

  • March 10, 1960, a Lockheed Electra turboprop ingested European starlings into multiple engines during takeoff from Boston Logan Airport, resulting in a multi-engine power loss. The plane crashed into Boston Harbor, killing 62 people. The accident prompted the FAA to initiate action to develop minimum bird ingestion standards for turbine powered engines.

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  • February 26, 1973, Lear 24 struck a flock of brown-headed cowbirds during takeoff. The aircraft crashed and killed seven people. The accident prompted the FAA to initiate action to develop guidelines concerning the location of solid waste disposal facilities on or near airports.

  • November 23, 1962, a Vickers-Armstrongs Model Viscount 745D airplane struck at least two whistling swans while taking off from Newark, NJ. All thirteen passengers and all four crewmembers were fatally injured. The probable cause of this accident was determined to be the loss of control following separation of the left horizontal stabilizer which had been weakened by a collision with a whistling swan.

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