Relevant Regulations / Policy / Background

The following Federal Aviation Regulations were pertinent to the CF6-50 design and certification:
14 CFR 33.13 - Design Features

The CF6-50A engine was FAA certified on March 23, 1972. Because of the design similarities between the CF6-50A and the CF6-6 engine, the FAA did not require additional ingestion tests during certification. The CF6-6D engine was FAA certified on September 16, 1970, and at the time there were no specific bird ingestion certification requirements but the subject was addressed by 14 CFR, 33.13.

Advisory Circular 33-1A was issued on June 19, 1968, and included criteria for addressing bird threats and conducting a bird ingestion test. This AC was revised on April 22, 1970 to AC-33-1B to include revised criteria bird ingestion tests for engines.

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