Airworthiness Directives (ADs) Issued

The following airworthiness directives were issued as a result of this event:


No airworthiness directives were issued on the engine.


Telegraphic AD issued November 7, 1973 that applies to DC-10-10, -30, -30F series aircraft. The AD required inspection of nose cowl bolts on DC-10 wing-mounted engines. AD 73-26-04 became effective on December 19, 1973 and incorporates the requirements of the telegraphic AD.

AD 75-04-03 became effective on February 14, 1975 and required improvements to the DC-10 cabin oxygen mask deployment system. Before the National Airlines accident, the FAA was working with McDonnell Douglas on improving the DC-10 cabin oxygen mask deployment system. This accident resulted in the higher prioritization of this activity and contributed to the issuance of AD 75-04-03.

McDonnell Douglas Service Bulletins referenced in AD 75-04-03:

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