Resulting Safety Initiatives

No specific regulatory changes resulted directly from this accident; however some design changes were made, and industry practices were modified as follows:

Engine/Airplane Design Changes:

The number of inlet cowl brackets was increased from 12 to 21.
Blade axial retention was increased from 18,000 to 60,000 pounds-force ultimate.
Fan blade/case tip clearances were increased.

GE Service Bulletin 72-396 was incorporated prior to the accident and complemented the service bulletin that increased the fan blade/case tip clearance.

GEAE Design Practice:

GEAE engine design practice was updated to incorporate lessons learned regarding fan rotor and case harmful interactive vibratory modes.

Advisory Material:

This accident provided data and information relative to engine fragment spread angles that were used for development of FAA Order 8110.11, titled "Design Considerations for Minimizing Damage Caused by Uncontained Aircraft Turbine Engine Rotor Failures," dated November 19, 1975.

The information in this order was subsequently revised and issued in AC 20-128A, including Appendix 1.

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