Relevant Regulations / Policy / Background

The certification requirements for the DC-10-10 included Part 25 Amendment 1-22 and Special Condition (SC) 25-18-WE-7, dated January 7, 1970.

SC 25-18-WE-7 stated that in lieu of the requirements of 14 CFR 25.903(d)(1), the aircraft must incorporate design features to minimize hazardous damage in the event of an engine rotor failure or of a fire that burns through the engine case as a result of an internal engine failure.

The SC was issued because §25.903(d) was in the process of being revised. McDonnell Douglas provided a response to the SC that included an assessment for the hydraulic system design considerations. However, at the time of the design and assessment, there were no formal industry standards or FAA guidance on design precautions to be taken to minimize the hazards to an aircraft in the event of an uncontained engine or APU failure.

Relative to the engine certification, the relevant requirements were:

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