Resulting Safety Initiatives

Section 121.316, "Fuel tanks," (14 CFR 121.316): Each turbine powered transport category airplane operated after October 30, 1991, must meet the requirements of paragraph (e) of section 25.963 (14 CFR 25.963(e)) in effect on October 30, 1989.

Section 25.963(e), states that "Fuel tank access covers must comply with the following criteria in order to avoid loss of hazardous quantities of fuel: (1) All covers located in an area where experience or analysis indicates a strike is likely must be shown by analysis or tests to minimize penetration and deformation by tire fragments, low energy engine debris, or other likely debris.

(2) All covers must be fire resistant as defined in Part 1 of this chapter."

Section 25.813, "Emergency exit access," (14 CFR 25.813): Established design and construction requirements for emergency exists and access to those exits.

Section 121.310, "Additional emergency equipment," (14 CFR 121.310: Established requirements for certain emergency exits, and lighting and interior/exterior marking for all exits.

14 CFR 135.177, "Emergency equipment requirements for airplane having a passenger seating configuration of more than 19 passengers."

FAA Advisory Circular AC 25.785-1A - Flight Attendant Seat and Torso Restraint System Installations.

AC 25.963-1 - Fuel Tank Access Covers.

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