Resulting Safety Initiatives

The crash of Air Florida Flight 90 was a major catalyst for significant advances in the safety of winter weather operations, particularly in the area of airplane deicing technology and procedures. Numerous initiatives were undertaken in order to better understand the properties of deicing materials, techniques for their application, and related training programs. Some of these initiatives were international in nature, and required several years to finalize. Major contributions of these efforts include:

Federal Aviation Regulations:

Section 121.629 ("Operation in Icing Conditions") (14 CFR 121.629). Paragraph 14 CFR 121.629(b) was revised to include additional critical parts of the aircraft that frost, ice, or snow could adhere to. Paragraphs 14 CFR 121.629(c) and 14 CFR 121.629(d) were added to provide detailed descriptions regarding dispatch, release, or takeoff of aircraft in conditions that promote frost, ice, or snow accumulation.

FAA Advisory Circulars (AC):

AC 20-117, "Hazards Following Ground Deicing and Ground Operations in Conditions Conducive to Aircraft Icing." This AC was issued immediately following the accident in order to emphasize the "Clean Aircraft" concept. Although a clean aircraft was a requirement at the time of the accident (14 CFR 121.629), this AC highlighted the importance of adhering to the concept and focused attention on the areas particularly sensitive to snow or ice contamination.

AC 120-58, "Pilot Guide: Large Aircraft Ground Deicing." This AC was issued to provide recommendations to flight crews to ensure safe operation of aircraft during icing conditions and developing adequate procedures for deicing aircraft.

AC 120-60, "Ground Deicing and Anti-Icing Program." This AC was issued to standardize the application and training programs associated with ground de-icing and anti-icing programs in support of 14 CFR 121.629.

AC 150/5200-30A, "Airport Winter and Safety Operations." This AC was issued to provide guidance to airport operators on snow removal practices, airplane deicing operations, field condition reporting procedures, and related topics.

AC 150/5300-14, "Design of Airport Deicing Facilities." This AC was issued to provide guidance to airport operators on the features, performance, use, and training associated with airport deicing facilities.

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