Photo of a Tupolev TU154M in full Bashkirian Airlines livery
Photo of a Tupolev TU154M
Photo copyright Dmitriy Pichugin - used with permission
Photo of a DHL Boeing 757-23APF involved in the accident, wearing a previous registration
Photo of a DHL Boeing 757-23APF
Photo copyright Thomas Posch - used with permission
Accident Perspectives:
Airplane Life Cycle
  • Operational
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  • Flight Deck Layout / Avionics Confusion
  • Midair / Ground Incursions
  • Automation
Accident Common Themes
  • Organizational Lapses
  • Human Error

Bashkirian Airlines Tupolev TU154 and DHL Boeing 757-200, Midair collision over Überlingen, Germany

Location: Überlingen, Germany

Date: July 1, 2002

On July 1, 2002 at 21:35:32 (UTC), a Tupolev TU154M passenger airplane flying as Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 from Moscow, Russia to Barcelona, Spain and a Boeing 757-23APF cargo airplane operating as DHL International Flight 611 from Bergamo, Italy to Brussels, Belgium experienced a mid-air collision over the town of Ɯberlingen, Germany near Lake Constance. Both airplanes were destroyed. All aboard both airplanes were killed; 60 passengers and nine crew members on the passenger airplane, and the pilot and co-pilot on the cargo airplane.