The Federal Aviation Administration Human Factors Team Report: "The Interfaces Between Flight Crews and Modern Fight Deck Systems", dated June 18, 1996, listed 24 Automation Interface accidents/incidents. Eight occurred before the Indian Airlines Flight 605 accident, and three were directly related. One event involved an A320, one accident (Delta DC-9-31 on 7/31/73) involved aircrew preoccupation with questionable flight director information which resulted in landing short, and one involved a malfunctioning autothrottle system resulting in crossing the runway threshold 50 knots above reference speed.

Automation Interface accidents/incidents
Date Location Airplane Type Operator Description
7/31/73 Boston DC-9-31 Delta Air Lines Airplane landed short during an approach in fog. Flightcrew was preoccupied with questionable information presented by the flight director. Fatal crash.
2/28/84 New York DC-10-30 Scandinavian Airlines Malfunctioning autothrottle system during approach resulted in crossing the runway threshold at 50 knots above reference speed. Runway was wet, touchdown was 4700 feet beyond the threshold of an 8400 foot runway. Airplane overran runway, minor injuries. Complacency and overreliance on automatic systems cited.
7/3/88 Gatwick A320 unknown Programmed for 3 degree flight path, but inadvertently was in vertical speed mode, almost landed 3 miles short.

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