Accident Board Recommendations

The accident report segmented the recommendations into three categories: Preliminary Recommendations, Intermediate Recommendations, and Other Recommendations.

Preliminary Recommendations are recommendations specifically from the events of this accident and include the following:

  • Informing crews of the circumstances of the accident, specifically go-around while in VNAV, and temporarily limit the operational use of auto throttle and automatic modes of the AFDS on standard approaches below approach minimums.
  • A call for a study to be conducted regarding the feasibility of supplying power directly from the engines to controls for shut-off valves and extinguishers, and another study about the feasibility of an autonomous battery-run power supply for communication systems between the cockpit and cabin and within the cabin.
  • Following an accident on or near a runway, that runway should be closed until rescue operations are complete.

Intermediate Recommendations are recommendations based on this accident and several other accidents with similar circumstances, The BEA had one, as follows:

  • Conduct a study regarding the priority of the pilot actions over automatic flight systems be maintained under all circumstances. Which could result in one or both of the following:
    • Disconnecting automatic flight systems (autopilot and auto throttle or auto throttle) in cases where pilot actions are in contradiction with those of the automatic flight system or the flight director.
    • Providing for a clear message (or possibly an alarm) in the cockpit alerting the crew to such a contradictory situation.

Other Recommendations are also based on this accident, but are not necessarily as critical or causal to the accident as the other two categories of recommendations:

  • Crew training in cockpit resource management be used to:
    • Improve the effectiveness of reciprocal exchange of information between crew members, including during phases of flight with a heavy workload.
    • Encourage crew members to continuously analyze parameters and information linked to how the flight is proceeding so as to make the necessary decisions in a timely manner.
  • Unlimited access to pilots' medical records for use in accident investigations should be allowed.

The complete text of the recommendations is available at the following link: (BEA Recommendations)

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