Accident Board Findings

Accident Report

The accident report findings concentrate on pilot error, specifically, continuing a non-stabilized approach. The complete findings are available at the following link: (BEA Findings)

Probable Cause

The probable cause of the accident was determined by the BEA to be: The continuation of a non-stabilized approach and go-around thrust application to the number one engine during landing. This resulted from the automatic flight system or automation commanding a go-around at the missed approach point. This resulted in a long touchdown at excessive speed and a trajectory that pulled the airplane right of centerline and subsequently off the right side of the runway.

Failure to observe proper operational procedures regarding call-outs during approach and upon landing as well as the lack of communication between the pilots, greatly contributed to the accident. Specifically, deviations from normal parameters (i.e. speed and approach path) should have led to initiation of a go-around.

The absence of information from the manufacturer to operators and crews regarding this particular feature of the automatic flight system was also a contributing factor to the accident.

The complete English language accident report is available here: (Accident Report)

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