Resulting Safety Initiatives

Following this accident, the FAA initiated:

  • A fleet-wide requirement for installation of Ground Proximity Warning Systems in all air carrier aircraft by December 1975
  • Revisions to 14 CFR part 91 with regard to pilot responsibilities and actions after receiving a clearance for a non-precision approach
  • Creation of the Aviation Safety Reporting System, managed by NASA
  • With regard to terrain clearance, subsequent CFIT-type accidents have led to an evolution of GPWS capabilities, resulting in enhanced GPWS (TAWS) systems
  • Issuance of rulemaking by the FAA in 2002 that made the installation of TAWS mandatory throughout the air carrier fleet
  • Modification of air traffic control procedures such that altitude restrictions are issued during non-precision instrument approaches
  • Installation of a modification to the ARTS III altitude reporting system such that controllers receive alerts when a flight deviates from predetermined altitudes when operating inside a terminal area.

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