Accident Board Findings

The NTSB issued 34 findings relative to this accident, and cited the probable cause as:

"FAA's failure to establish adequate aircraft certification standards for flight in icing conditions, the FAA's failure to ensure that a Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial/FAA approved procedure for the accident airplane's deice system operation was implemented by U.S.- based air carriers, and the FAA's failure to require the establishment of adequate minimum airspeeds for icing conditions, which led to the loss of control when the airplane accumulated a thin, rough accretion of ice on its lifting surfaces."

The NTSB also cited the flight crew's decision to operate in icing conditions near the lower margin of the speed operating envelope as a contributing factor in the accident.

The most pertinent findings are associated with:

  • deficiencies in the icing certification standards, and
  • critical communication among all major parties involved in the certification and operation of a transport airplane

The complete text of the findings can be accessed at the following link: (NTSB Findings)

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