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Simmons Airlines American Eagle Flight 4184, near Roselawn, Indiana

On October 31, 1994, an Avions de Transport Regional, Model 72-212 (ATR-72), registration number N401AM, crashed during descent after uncommanded roll excursions and a loss of control. This aircraft was leased to and operated by Simmons Airlines, Incorporated, and doing business as American Eagle Flight 4184.

Prior to the approach into Chicago, Illinois (ORD), the airplane was in a holding pattern, in icing conditions, and was descending on autopilot control to a newly assigned altitude when uncommanded roll excursion occurred without warning. The roll excursions were precipitated by an airflow separation forward of the ailerons, and uncommanded aileron deflection resulting from an aileron hinge moment anomaly resulting from ice accretion forward of the ailerons and aft of the trailing edge of the deicing boots.

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