Accident Board Recommendations

The NTSB issued 11 recommendations. The subject areas covered include:

  • Issuing Airworthiness Directives (AD) to inspect all DC-10 aircraft for engine pylon damage

  • Issuing alert maintenance bulletins to discontinue improper maintenance techniques

  • Changing type certification procedures to consider factors that affect maintainability, and to address possibilities of multiple failures that can result from damage to a primary structure through which essential systems are routed

  • Insuring that the design of transport category airplanes protects against asymmetry of high-lift devices

  • Initiating strict manufacturer quality control programs and service difficulty and service information collection

  • Instructions for Maintenance Review Boards

  • Instructions for air carrier maintenance facilities and designated repair stations

  • Proposed revision to 14 CFR 121.707 to more clearly define major and minor repair categories

  • Instructions for revisions of operational procedures and instrumentation to increase stall margin during secondary emergencies

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