Airworthiness Directives (ADs) Issued

The DC-10 Type Certificate was suspended via an Emergency Order, signed by FAA Administrator Langhorne Bond, and issued on June 6, 1979. The type certificate was reinstated on July 13, 1979 after an assessment of the airplane certification process.

The following airworthiness directives (ADs) were issued as a result of this accident:

  • AD 79-15-04 R1 required, prior to further flight, inspection of leading edge slat drive components, and reporting of any discrepancies to the FAA.

  • AD 79-15-05 required, prior to further flight, installation of two auto-throttle/speed control computers to provide stall warning based on both right and left angle of attack sensors and wing slat positions, and to modify the stall warning system to provide the required sensor information. Further, it required a new Flight Manual limitation relative to the slat function of the takeoff warning system and its operability for takeoff.

  • AD 79-18-08 required, prior to further flight, inspection for and replacement of cracked barrel nuts in the aft engine mounts.

  • AD 79-20-01 R1 required, prior to further flight, inspection, and if necessary, replacement of the four main aft mount pylon bulkhead bolts.

  • AD 80-03-10 required, within 210 days of the effective date of the AD, installation of two auto-throttle/speed control computers, each of which receives information from the positions of both outboard wing slat groups, in addition to other previously required inputs, and installation of a stick shaker at the first officer's position, in addition to that previously required at the captain's position, with both stick shakers actuated by either auto-throttle/speed control computer.

  • AD 80-11-05 R1 required removal and reinstallation of the engine and pylon separately, and required certain inspections, prior to further flight, following reinstallation of the pylon.

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