Airworthiness Directives (ADs) Issued

AD 89-13-51: Established power restrictions on CFM56-3B and -3C engines. This AD was superseded by AD 96-25-11.

AD 90-20-13: Required installation of new fan blade dampers on CFM56 engines, primarily installed (but not limited to) on 737-300/400/500 aircraft.

AD 92-19-16: Required modification to stowage bins in order to prevent overhead stowage bins from separating from their attachments and injuring passengers in the event of an accident or emergency landing.

AD 96-25-11: Superseded AD 89-13-51. AD 96-25-11, for all CFM56-3C-1 and certain -3B-2 engines, required the removal of certain fan disk and fan blade hardware, and relative to the superseded AD, required the removal of additional fan blade hardware, required an Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) revision to impose thrust level limitations for airplanes equipped with affected engines, and required the installation of redesigned fan blades as a terminating action to the thrust level limitations.

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