Accident Board Recommendations

The Dominican Republic Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (JIAA) had the following 9 safety recommendations to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO):

  • To issue a directive requiring that the flight manual of the Boeing 757/767 be revised to notify the pilots that simultaneous activation of the warnings "MACH/SPD TRIM" and "RUDDER RATIO" may be an indication of discrepancies in airspeed indicators.
  • To require Boeing Company to modify the B-757/767 alert system to include "an advisory" (CAUTION ALERT) when an erroneous airspeed is detected.
  • To require Boeing Company to modify the Operations Manual of the B-757/767 to include in the emergency procedures section information about "Identification and elimination of an erroneous airspeed indication."
  • To issue a Flight Standards Information Bulletin directed to all operations inspectors to assure that the Operations Manuals of B-757/767 operators contain procedures about "Identification and elimination of an erroneous airspeed indication."
  • To issue an aeronautical information bulletin notifying the inspectors of the circumstances of this accident, to assure that in training there will be an emphasis on the importance of recognizing a malfunctioning airspeed indicator during the course of takeoff.
  • To assure that all training in the B-757/767 includes a scenario flight in the simulator where the pilot is trained to respond appropriately to the effects of a "Blocked Pitot Tube."
  • That each air business has a manual of specific training and is specialized for the type of operations specific to that airline without taking into account the generic training of the flight crew offered by businesses dedicated to the sale of training (Academies, schools, etc.).
  • To establish as a requirement of all commercial air businesses a program of flight crew training in "Crew Resource Management" (CRM).
  • To revise the existing training requirements to gain better efficiency for flight crews.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) participated in the investigation and had 6 recommendations for the FAA that were essentially the same as the first 6 items above. Click here for the letter.

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