Accident Board Recommendations

The Civil Aeronautics Board recommended on December 5, 1960 that a basic research program be initiated by the FAA aimed at improving the tolerance of all turbine engines to bird ingestion. It was also recommended that a study be made of the means of precluding bird entry into turbine engines.

The accident investigation disclosed the first failure points of the seat and seat belt attachments and also pinpointed an injury-producing environment within the cabin. In view of these findings, recommendations were made by the Civil Aeronautics Board soon after the accident with the objective of enhancing passenger safety aspects of the Electra L-188 airplane. Based on these recommendations, considerable research was engendered, intended to in an overall improvement in passenger safety.

View the text of the recommendations from page 13 of the accident report here.

View Rolls-Royce 501-D13 Bird Ingestion Tests Video.

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